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Stay Safe Collective was established in 2019 by 5 like-minded individuals with a love for the music scene. SSC will be a hub for all thing’s music, from interviews with your favorite local artists, curated playlists and events. We pride ourselves on contributing to the music culture of New Zealand and creating an environment that supports and encourages artists to throw down for ravers to get amongst.


.SZ is Stay Safe Collective royalty. Producer Stuey and DJ’s Will and Porkbones have been tearing up the New Zealand music scene since 2019, performing at venues across Auckland such as Cassette Nine and Neck of the woods for events such as SR3, A Night of Doof and On Site by Stay Safe Collective. They throw down the perfect balance of remixes, classic bangers and originals and are a trio you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Slim & Rig

Slim & Rig are commonly known for throwing down and Rig’s mid performance shoey. This DJ duo have quite an impressive few gigs under their belt; playing for clubs such as Galatos, Cassette nine, Impala, Rhythm and Vines day sessions (2019) and Farm Dance (2020). Slim & Rig are responsible for many big nights and responsible for most of our dusty Sundays.


Kayes is new to the scene but is already making waves across the country, opening for some big names such as Zeisha and Flowidus. Giving the drum and bass fans their fix with the best tracks and effortless transitions, and a side performance with her pixel whip. Kayes’s performance is always memorable.

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Liftance is a household name across Dunedin. Famous for his long-lived residency at Mac’s he has played some of the most eclectic & versatile sets, combining a variety of genres filling clubs throughout the country. From supporting legendary International acts to playing in Fiji among top NZ artists, Liftance boasts the quickest hands in the game and top-notch music selection that makes for an event you’ll never forget